On Location!

You may have heard that someone pretty important is heading to our fine nation.  And you may have heard that the international World Meeting of Families is taking place at the same time!  Well, I’m happy to announce that yours truly will be heading to the City of Brotherly Love for both the WMOF and the Papal Visit.

It’s my intention to recap the days here… but after living in Rome twice, I am under no illusion that blogging at the end of each day will be an easy feat.  So I’ll say it’s my hope and dream, and we’ll see what plays out in reality.

Stay tuned!  You can also follow me on Twitter.  And maybe Periscope, who knows…

Our diocesan paper interviewed the various people from the diocese attending the events here– you can read my thoughts towards the end.

In the meantime, pray for those planning WMOF, pray for those attending WMOF, pray for the safety of our Holy Father, and pray that hearts are open to the Holy Spirit during this time of grace.

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