Besides writing about Christ and His Church, I love talking about Him and His Bride, too. Whether it’s a day of recollection for school teachers or a fervorino for parents of confirmandi, my joy comes from sharing my passion and zeal with others.

Below is just a sampling of talks I have given in the past or am giving in the future. My most requested talks are on Scripture, the Blessed Mother & the saints, and the lay vocation to holiness. For more information, contact me.  Due to my primary vocation as adult formation director for the Diocese of Nashville, my stipend will vary depending on day of the week, number of talks, and travel required.

IMG_3975 - Version 2Talks

A Mission No One Can Accomplish  This talk examines our role as the baptized to answer Christ’s call to make disciples. Originally given to teens and parents, it can be adapted to suit your needs.

The Art of Waiting This talk is primarily geared toward young professionals and those who find themselves in that in-between season of life. What is God calling you to do right now?  Are you waiting or acting?

The Battle of Prayer & Lectio Divina This talk begins by giving an overview of prayer with suggestions and tips, and then introduces the ancient way of praying with Scriptures called Lectio Divina.

Why I Love the Unloveable Church Are we called to love an institution full of sinners?  Or just be a part of it?

The Women of Scripture What can the modern woman learn from the ancient woman? This talk covers several women in the Bible. It can be expanded to cover a day of recollection for women.

Women: The Hearts of the Church  A series of talks examining femininity in the Church; originally a day of recollection for women, it can be adapted to suit your needs.

Joseph Ratzinger: The Heart of a Shepherd Pope Benedict is one of the most misunderstood pontiffs of our time.  Who is he, and how has his past shaped his pontificate?

A Papacy between JPII and Francis: The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI Will Pope Benedict be the “forgotten” Pope of the early 21st century?  

Church History for the Non-Historian How well do you know the history of our Church? If you think history is boring, the answer is: you don’t know it well enough.  This talk can cover any range of topics and/or time periods.

Pope Benedict, Beauty, and the New Evangelization How do we speak to a culture that has rejected truth and has rejected the good?  Through beauty.  But does beauty have a hidden message of suffering?

Currently planning an event with me already?
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Photo by Jen Lowery

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